, My name is Liam Dexter and I am a

User Experience & Interface Designer

creating great user experiences

About Me

I recently graduated with a 1st class honours in Interactive Media Design from Northumbria University. I was also awarded, Best undergraduate student in the communication design subject area, as well as "One to Watch" at the D&AD New Blood Exhibition 2016 for Virgin Empire. My course allowed me to work with a wide range of mediums and gave me a varied set of skills.

My particular area of interest is user experience, with the aim to create an effortless experience for every user. I spend much of my time conducting extensive research of various kinds to understand the exact requirements from the users. Using this allows me to create user personas, scenarios, customer journeys and storyboards, this giving something to concentrate on throughout the project. Following this I am known to undertake substantial competitor analysis. Using this to commence identification of content and using this to plan system architectures to create the most logical user flow. This I follow with a process of wire framing, initially with paper and tested and followed by using Balsamiq before moving to Illustrator and using these screens with prototype tools to create a usable wireframe allowing me to extensively test the product. Only when the product passes user tasks will I move to high-fidelity designs, again testing each iteration to achieve the best user experience.

This is an area of which I am very passionate about, but of course I still love creating the end result, the final designs of the product. I have experience in designing for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. This has allowed me to have knowledge of the entire Apple ecosystem and use various additional features of Apple in many ideas.

I also have experience in web development, in which on top of my other skills I am able to code and develop websites using HTML, CSS, and PHP. In addition I have knowledge of Bootstrap and Wordpress. This is an area that I have learnt and built upon away from university as it is very much an area of interest and has allowed me to build and design websites for a number of clients, this giving me an experience of customer service and working live with clientele. This gives me another view of my project work, much like working collaboratively whilst at university with Virgin Money and Swisscom in Switzerland.

My works

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works."

My Skills

A selection of my main skills

Concept & Ideation

A crucial stage in any design process, requiring lots of planning and discussions.


A great way to show a conceptual idea, either digitally or on paper. Can be quickly prototyped.


A critical stage in any project, especially in digital. Using digital tools or paper.


A key part to any project, the development process, making the product colourful.

Web Design & Development

Competent to code in HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. I also have the ability to use Wordpress and Bootstrap.


Design is not just the look and feel of a product,
its fundamentally how it works and is used.

Video Creation

A great way to showcase a project in a quick and easy to portray manor. With skills in After Effects being a great benefit.


A great way to stand out from the crowd with your own unique brand. Allowing for consumers to recognise your brand.

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