Newcastle Gallery

Website design and development through Wordpress
The Project
The challenge set to create a website for a local art gallery through Wordpress by choosing and editing a theme to suit the purpose intended. This project enabled me to develop a number of web skills through the power of Wordpress, working with plugins and themes. I also expanded upon my branding skills through creating a new logo for the gallery keeping in mind designs of logos from other galleries when conducting my research.

Artists Page

The gallery features local artists work and therefore it seems fit to showcase each artists work on the website of the gallery. I created a page showing an example of the artists work alongside a brief description under the artists name. Each artist has a button taking the user to their work.

Product Section

The gallery has nine categories of work that it sells and I have used this to create a main shop page showing the nine categories with a image representing the category. When a user clicks on a section they get taken to a page showing all the work available to buy at the gallery in that section.

The page displays a header image for the category followed by a large image of the item for sale, alongside a brief description and header with a buy button. Each product has its own row on the webpage that fills the screen, each row using a white or grey background to split the rows apart.

Interactive Guide

I wanted to bring some technology into the gallery through an interactive guide around the gallery. I created a web page allowing the user to fill in a form, this outlining what types of work they want to see, artists they wish to see and price value. From this an interactive guide will start on the users devices, giving them a route around the gallery, based on their interests.


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