About Me

I am an Interaction Designer specialising in UX & UI design.

I am currently in my second year at Northumbria University, studying Interactive Media Design.
I really enjoy the wide range of mediums that I work with on my course. My particular area of
interest is upon the field of home automation on which I'm currently researching for a final year
project. In my spare time, away from my university studies I enjoy working with HTML & CSS
to create website for myself, family and friends. I also work with two clients creating their brand
identity for their companies and I also take care of their marketing and advertising in terms
of print. In which the whole process from design to production is overseen by myself. From this
I have gained excellent time management as well as exceptional communication skills. Aside
from this I do have my hobbies and interests, including my love for skiing and technology.

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I offer a range of services includding Print & Company Branding, Web Design, Illustration & Animation.

Below shows the full range of serivces I currently offer, includded with pricing.

If you wish to order please contact me using my email : liam@designbydexter.co.uk

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