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Liam Dexter

– Interaction Designer –

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Professional & Collaboration project as part of my final year at Northumbria University. The project involves working as a team with people from Switzerland, Germany, China and the UK, in a group of five. All group members are students at various universities and study various programs. This project kicked off with a week in Switzerland, in September 2015, starting with meeting the other members of the project and working with my group to generate ideas for the project. The week concluded with a presentation of our chosen ideas. Back in the UK I have weekly meetings with my group via Skype, and various reviews with the coaches of the project, prior the final delivery in January 2016 back in Switzerland.

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Games design project from second year at Northumbria University, studying Interactive Media Design. For the project me and the rest of the team created a game for children with a theme based upon monsters in a house. A game in which players race to pick up items to win. With the option to buy add-ons it makes the game ever changing. An application compliments the board game with a player been able to build and look after their own personal monster.

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The Bay Horse

A client project in which I was tasked with designing and coding a new website for the country pub. This was a fast pace project of only two weeks, with the client and customers of the pub thrilled with the outcome. Introducing new features in comparison to their old website such as a newsletter which is producing outstanding results. This project is an ongoing piece of work with regular updating of content for the pub.

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Gamification for Learning

Personal project from third year at Northumbria University, studying Interactive Media Design. For this project I wanted to create an entertaining learning experience for children aged 11-14, (key Stage Three). A topic of Renewable energy was picked from research with potential users and parents. The project allows for children to learn from physically interacting with objects to change the digital output on screen, ultimately teaching them how the renewable sources of energy work.

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