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Changing the experience of exercise

What do we offer ?

Established in 2016, Immersercise brings the digital age to exercise. This increasing engagement and productivity through a more entertaining system. By tricking your senses to make you feel as if you're phyiscally experiencing the real-world environment that you're is immersed within.

Our Three Sectors


Immersive cycling brings the outside inside. This making it possible for the user to peddle through a virtual environment. Whether it be a through a woodland park or down a street. Or maybe even race or practice in the Tour De France, see where you would have come in last years race, and set yourself a goal of improving your personal best.


Immersive running makes the user feel as if they are running the 800m around the olympic track, or maybe even along the bank of the river Thames. Practice the London Marathon or the Great North Run. Set yourself a time and race to improve it each time. Compete against a friend or a random person. Run alongside your personal trainer, and improve your fitness.


Immersive rowing enables the user to row down a virtual river creating the feeling as if they are actaully on the water. Additionally it allows the user to race in a simulated event or practice for an actual race with the visual aid of the actual race event through simulation. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to row down a river of lava? Well try out ImmerserciseRow