Immersercise, Build


About the Build

The combination of user action through cycling and visualisation is the fundamental premise of the speed detection. For the immersion I aimed to create a complete engrossed state to obtain enhanced engagement and motivation from the user with their exercise. To achieve this I undertook research into peripheral vision and produced the optimal screen size at a sustained distance from the user. The amalgamation of these two pieces made up the build for the project.

Reed Switch Sensor

Built upon Arduino and Processing to create a speed detector to output speed data and combine this with video playback, produces the connection between user action and visualisations.

The Arduino works by collecting data from the 'on' state of a magnetic reed switch and transforming this data with calculations to ouput a number. This number is sent to Processing and combined with calculations to alter the playback speed of a video. This enabled faster peddling to play faster video speeds, and slower speeds for minimal cycling.

100inch Curved Display

Constructed from studwork beams and surface protection material, along with a 100inch projector screen saw the assemble of my display. All of this was calculated to extreme pressision to ensure a flawless and convincing immersion. This creating an valued intensified impact on the user.





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