Immersercise, Website


About the Website

An additional element to the project, acting as a promotional way of showcasing the product. Also offering a breif summary outlining investigation into the purpose of the project. The website is built as if the product was a real functioning product.

Home Screen

The home page utilises the screen size with a full page image with an overlay of a time changing welcome message.

Following this is a brief description of what Immersercise is, and the three products created as concepts for the project. ImmerserciseCycle can be viewed further, acting as the rest of the website. ImmerserciseRun and ImmerserciseRow are featured as coming soon.

About & Gym/Home

The about page encompasses the research behind the creation of the project which details the reasoning behind the creation of the product.

The Gym/Home pages contains information centered around the use case in each environment. The gym page shows the product in a full unit, whereas the home section shows the parts of the product and how these can be combined with exsisting household items.




Interface & Partners

The interface page exhibits the Apple TV application interface built specifically to work with ImmerserciseCycle. It goes through each of the elements in the interface, allowing users to see the full features built in.

The partners section acts as a thank you and reference to third party software, applications and hardware that are built into the product in some form. Without these the project would not have been as successfull as it was.

Contact & Account

The contact page features a standard contact form allowing users to contact the Immersercise team directly.

The account page consists of a sign in screen. This requiring username and password of account holders, also featuring the option of registering and forgot password. This is accessed from the far right option in the navigation menu, shown in a different colour to make it stand out from the rest of the navigation. The account part allows users to manage their account information, and settings. This acts as a hub for their Immersercise account, allowing users to pre-set their settings and view achievements and workout history.


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