Virgin Empire

Virgin Empire, a new educational, engaging and entertaining bank platform for children

At the New Blood 2016 Festival, Virgin Empire was awarded "One to Watch". Only 29 of these awards were handed out, with over 800 exhibiting pieces at the show this was a great achievement.
I took part in a brief from Virgin Money which tasked us to create a vision for a youth account. Working with a colleague, Becky Lee, on this short 8 week project very closely with employees from Virgin Money gave great experience and valuable skills. The end of the project saw a final presentation taking part at Virgin Money HQ in Gosforth in Newcastle.

Target Auidence

For this project we wanted to aim at the age group from which a child gets their first account. The reason for this was that we identified that people tend to stay with the same bank they start with unless they have a really bad experience. As a result we wanted to aim the bank service from the age of 11. We found out that this age group don't tend to be educated on banking and that they don't use online banking. As a result we wanted to create something that would educate and engage users. With this age group in mind, we thought what better than a game, but not just another game, one that entertains whilst educating.

Multi-Platform Application

We created a multi-platform online banking service in the form of a game. This allowing users to build up their own personal Virgin Empire whilst been subconsciously educated on banking through finance and saving plans, also learning about interest in game time. The game platform also had hidden elements, such as research for various Virgin Companies.

Project Overview

In all it was a great project. Working with a such a well know and established brand gave a lot of valuable experience to take on to future projects.
Virgin Empire, platform demonstration


Giving users various tasks in the form of missions with education value hidden behind a game scene. The platform teaches users about finance plans, saving and interest rates. As well as missions giving buying options the game offers a happy meter acting as Richard, this gives the users another reflection point on their actions, their aim to keep Richard happy.


Using a game mechanic named Appointment Dynamic which gives users pre-defined tasks based upon a time element ensures that the user keeps coming back at various times throughout the day. For this platform we have a series of missions with different time scales as well as buildings to collect money from and various times during the day.


A presentation at Virgin Money saw the end to our collaboration project. What a great experience and an honour to take part in.



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